Local Gig Photography

I went and caught Marcus Reeves and the Ramshackle Parades gig this week, and took a few photos for them. Check it out!


New Widgets and other things I do

So as you can see on the sidebar of this blog there is some new widgets… You know those various boxes linking to other websites..
Right now 2 of them seem broken, hopefully this will fix itself. They do contain links to my proffessional design page, and to my musician page, which gives a new role to this blog as a tyer together of all things George.

Connect Magazine

A recent piece of work I’ve completed is the layout of CONNECT magazine, which is a journal looking at womens issues such as gender equality on an international level.

It’s my first piece of work like this and I’m really proud of it! Over 16 pages and you can tell from the photos that its chock full of content.

The magazine is starting sale at £2.99, and will be twice or thrice yearly. I’ll let you know where its available soon, its being put out by a brand new publishing house see, so sales mechanisms are in the works.

By the way if your interested in writing a piece for the next magazine or advertising in it, or if you would like a copy, message or comment me and i will pass on your details.

Exhibition @ Exchange Bar, Leicester

After a couple of years in the office and in my bedroom, two of my paintings are now hanging in trendy Exchange Bar, in the cultural quarter of Leicester, between the theatre and the art gallery!

I also took a couple of pictures of some of the other work for Maureen who organised the show, and I’ve included them here for her.

At the top  is the first painting in the good light of my room, and then the other photos are it in its new downstairs bar environment.
Followed by my other painting, which didnt get such a good spot  lightwise, and then there are two other paintings from the show.

The exhition is to raise funds towards local charity LASS, 20% of sales going there or something similar.

It is great to have some work on a wall somewhere in public after all this time!

These bottom two are not my paintings, they are Maureens I think.

Timeshift Photography

This picture shows some Leicester Luminaries hanging out in our garden, AND it shows the very same garden flooded with a strong daylight possibly seen by so very few of us the next day. These modern youths and their darkened lives.
It’s good to finally get round to finishing the editing together of this, Summer seems so far away…
left to right, Francois (Acid Pony), Ian (Acid Pony, Sisterland) Mark (Sisterland), Steph (Psychotic 66 DJ)

Social Enterprise Day Design

Got commissioned to make this design for an event showcasing Social Enterprises.
Its not quite finished as some logos will go in the larger acorn like circles. I made it through a Social Enterprise I sometimes get work through, Well for Living. A portion of my fee goes towards the Social Enterprise when I do this, but its ok because its a good cause and it gets me work.
The design will also go on flyers, posters, emails and name badges on the day in various altered formats.

Billboard hoarding style image