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New Widgets and other things I do

So as you can see on the sidebar of this blog there is some new widgets… You know those various boxes linking to other websites..
Right now 2 of them seem broken, hopefully this will fix itself. They do contain links to my proffessional design page, and to my musician page, which gives a new role to this blog as a tyer together of all things George.

Voodoo krabs?

just messing about with horn and hair effects… it dont mean much, obviously also messing about with hyperlinks… oh well.

psych folk sundays

This is a poster I made to promote my radio show back when I ran and presented Psyche Folk Sundays.
It was an hour of of gentle psychadelic or dark folk with some retro blues freak out and a bit of avant garde noise folk.
On this occasion I had soothing acoustic lovelies Cherry & The Orcherstra doing a live set in the studio.

Good Times

Competition Winning

I entered this for the competiton for the Western pubs poster brief.

It won


paisley tooth

is this my new branding?

This is my design that I may make my company logo!
Please let me know what you think – I have been using Paisley Tooth in a number of contexts with various suffix’s, I think its unique enough to be mine….

By the way; I’m hoping to become a proper company!
I’ll be posting some more stuff from my growing portfolio soon I hope


Paisley Tooth George


After managing so many various sorts of media across the internet, I now think its time to bring it all together into one place, to some extent.
Ill be posting stuff about my musical projects; I am a solo singer songwriter and also the lead singer/guitarist in my nautical themed rock/grunge/folk band The Luskan Rum Line. I also have lots of musical interests arising from this to blog on… as well as diverse one off musical creations.
Im an art graduate, so on this site Ill be posting the odd retrospective type piece perhaps, and some of my continuing work in graphic illustration and photography…