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Billboard hoarding style image


Voodoo krabs?

just messing about with horn and hair effects… it dont mean much, obviously also messing about with hyperlinks… oh well.

Dive to the Depths of Reason

I painted this today, over the course of three albums. One was an album of ancient and Sumerian music, followed by 2 Hawkwind albums; Church of Hawkwind and Zones, which were very hypnotic at their best.

It is called Dive to the Depths of Reason.

We see a unearthly painter painting upside down on the bottom of a strange sea.

throne guy illustration

Ships in the Gloom for the Luskan Rum Line band

Enthroned Troglodyte by George Sanderson

By the way, I love to do digital painting!
Above are a couple of recent pieces, the top one i did from a REALLY rough sketch I drew in a training class. It now sits at the top of the Luskan Rum Line wordpress blog!

Below is an illustration I did for my own amusement. Tis an unpleasant enough looking chap..

Ill try and come by the blog again soon to post some older work…

I had some good news yesterday, some of my photography is going on a cd case!