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Connect Magazine

A recent piece of work I’ve completed is the layout of CONNECT magazine, which is a journal looking at womens issues such as gender equality on an international level.

It’s my first piece of work like this and I’m really proud of it! Over 16 pages and you can tell from the photos that its chock full of content.

The magazine is starting sale at £2.99, and will be twice or thrice yearly. I’ll let you know where its available soon, its being put out by a brand new publishing house see, so sales mechanisms are in the works.

By the way if your interested in writing a piece for the next magazine or advertising in it, or if you would like a copy, message or comment me and i will pass on your details.

Pattern Wheel

Here I am getting the hang of patterns and there application as brushes. It means you get wonderful intricate designs, similar to this one.

oxjam Big Jam 2009

 2009 I set up 2 events in the Braunstone Gate area of Leicester to raise money for Oxjam. The events were a success and raised £80 for Oxfam and brought people together under the banner of unscripted impromptu music. It was also the first time my designs had been proffessionally printed and widely disseminated.
The top two were used for web promotion for each event individually, the bottom one was printed A3 and put up all over Leicester with maximum coverage.
Head to the ‘about’ page on the right and fill in the form and i could promote your event.


My Extreme Super Moon post seems popular!
Its been reblogged on 
I also found out from his post that is has the slightly less funny name of Super Perigee Moon.

I guess I can credit my friends from Acid Pony for misleading me humorously.