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throne guy illustration

Ships in the Gloom for the Luskan Rum Line band

Enthroned Troglodyte by George Sanderson

By the way, I love to do digital painting!
Above are a couple of recent pieces, the top one i did from a REALLY rough sketch I drew in a training class. It now sits at the top of the Luskan Rum Line wordpress blog!

Below is an illustration I did for my own amusement. Tis an unpleasant enough looking chap..

Ill try and come by the blog again soon to post some older work…

I had some good news yesterday, some of my photography is going on a cd case!


Lift Odd!

Lift Odd!
This shows what happens when you crop down an image of a mundane object.
It looks like either of two very sci fi themes, First think what you can see….

To me, it looks like either a planet with a sunrise on the left, and a space craft lifting off to the right.

Or it looks like the spherical head of an astronaut, you can dimly see an alien like face coming through, and what could be a sword or exotic gun on the right.


Anyway its actually a frying pan with water on it, its a crop of the photo ive posted below, using slow shutter speeds