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Exhibition @ Exchange Bar, Leicester

After a couple of years in the office and in my bedroom, two of my paintings are now hanging in trendy Exchange Bar, in the cultural quarter of Leicester, between the theatre and the art gallery!

I also took a couple of pictures of some of the other work for Maureen who organised the show, and I’ve included them here for her.

At the top  is the first painting in the good light of my room, and then the other photos are it in its new downstairs bar environment.
Followed by my other painting, which didnt get such a good spot  lightwise, and then there are two other paintings from the show.

The exhition is to raise funds towards local charity LASS, 20% of sales going there or something similar.

It is great to have some work on a wall somewhere in public after all this time!

These bottom two are not my paintings, they are Maureens I think.


Foundation Painting

Heres some photos i found of my final show at Oldham techs Foundation art course.
Theres some from different stages of my main piece.
Its 6feet tall.

These are each from different stages so see if you can spot the differences…

At the time I was very interested in religious/spiritual/biological and architectural archetypes.

I was very into the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.   He likes to stick all sorts of stuff into his paintings, like eggshells and sand. In this painting, one of the colleges stock of ruined paintbrushes made it in to the piece. There is nothing like mixing paint and PVA.

These were some of many smaller pieces I did. They are full of mud and grass and all sorts of crazy materials.

This photo gives an idea of the paintings size. And is the finished version (what you can see of it).
The big painting is apparently still in the foyer on the wall of Oldham Tech. I havent been there for about 4 or 5 years though.
If you’ve been there recently internet traveller – check it out and let me know?

The obvious problem with 6foot paintings is storage. So to be clear its not like I want it back. Im just intrigues as to its fate.

Dive to the Depths of Reason

I painted this today, over the course of three albums. One was an album of ancient and Sumerian music, followed by 2 Hawkwind albums; Church of Hawkwind and Zones, which were very hypnotic at their best.

It is called Dive to the Depths of Reason.

We see a unearthly painter painting upside down on the bottom of a strange sea.