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Local Gig Photography

I went and caught Marcus Reeves and the Ramshackle Parades gig this week, and took a few photos for them. Check it out!


Timeshift Photography

This picture shows some Leicester Luminaries hanging out in our garden, AND it shows the very same garden flooded with a strong daylight possibly seen by so very few of us the next day. These modern youths and their darkened lives.
It’s good to finally get round to finishing the editing together of this, Summer seems so far away…
left to right, Francois (Acid Pony), Ian (Acid Pony, Sisterland) Mark (Sisterland), Steph (Psychotic 66 DJ)

Loch Goil, Drimsynie and Loch Lomond

At the weekend I visited Loch Goil, in the Argylle region of Scotland. It its a great destination for a photographer, with stacks of dramatic scenes, castles and Lochs. I enjoyed taking some of the photos in moments of darkness, which really seems to bring out the atmosphere… The bottom two are from around Loch Lomond, and the top two from around Loch Goil.


Click on the photos for full size… beware they are large files


Extreme Super Moon

A photograph of the supermoon I just took a moment ago, this night is 20/03/2011.
Supermoons are apparently every few years, but this is an extreme supermoon, seen only every 18 years!

This is a photo taken of the extreme super moon above Leicester, where it appeared to be very yellow, compared to last nights clarity.

They are all the same photo but with different post processing to bring out different elements of the picture…

Lift Odd!

Lift Odd!
This shows what happens when you crop down an image of a mundane object.
It looks like either of two very sci fi themes, First think what you can see….

To me, it looks like either a planet with a sunrise on the left, and a space craft lifting off to the right.

Or it looks like the spherical head of an astronaut, you can dimly see an alien like face coming through, and what could be a sword or exotic gun on the right.


Anyway its actually a frying pan with water on it, its a crop of the photo ive posted below, using slow shutter speeds

The Pit and the Pendulum

So these photos show so the sort of thing I like to capture, textures and details, and amorphous shapes of colour, showing my background as an abstract painter…
Ive been taking my pictures at 1920 x 1080 so that theyll make lovely desktop wallpapers… and thats the screen sort I have.
These were taken in the Pit and the Pendulum pub in Nottingham, named after the Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name, (which is awesome). The lower picture really gets the dungeony atmosphere of the place, stone floors and grim lighting, with a hint of prison bars… The upper picture shows the pubby element of the place, you can almost smell the yers of booze in that scratched and grimy table. Mega.

Weird semi HDR’s?

Heres some assorted photos… Ive been trying out HDR, (High Dynamic Range, Ive never done it before I took these.

Below is a link about HDR, its not the one I first read about it off, but has some nice examples of how HDR is meant to look. eg. completely awesome.
However I have found that each time i go to take an HDR photo I find myself in a situation where stuff moves to an interesting degree, like I was taking a photo out of a train window (because of the big variance of lighting from inside and outside the train) when the train started to pull out of the station, or on the other hand I just dont want to, but ANYWAY all the photos ive taken HDR style have tended to just use the merging options in the post processing stage to mush together some varying imagery in a cool semi HDR way